Sunday, January 25, 2009

For the Leaders of the Nation

Our Father, bless, we pray Thee, the leaders of this nation. Strengthen the courage of the representatives in Congress assembled -- sincere men [and women] who want to do the right, if only they can be sure what is right. Make it plain to them, O Lord. And then wilt Thou start them out on the right way, for Thou knowest that we are hard to turn.

Forgive them for blunders they have committed, the compromises they have made [or not made]. Give to them the courage to admit mistakes.

Take away from us as a nation and as individuals that stubborn pride which, followed by conceit, imagines itself to be above and beyond criticism.

Save our leaders, O God, from themselves and from their friends--even as Thou hast saved them from their enemies.

Let no personal ambition blind them to their opportunites [and responsibilities].
Help them to give battle to hypocrisy wherever they find it.

Give them divine common sense and a selflessness that shall make them think of service and not of gain.

May they have the courage to lead the people of this Republic, considering [it] unworthy the expediency of ... [simply following the party line].

(adapted prayer of Rev. Peter Marshall from The Prayers of Peter Marshall, p. 96)

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